Daniel Barli


Daniel Barli, the founder of Financial Freedom University, is an expert real estate investor with a background in real estate law and mortgage financing.


During his career as an attorney, Mr. Barli has helped thousands of families and investors buy and sell residential and commercial properties, with transactions exceeding well over $700 million.  In addition to handling the closings involved in these transactions, Daniel Barli is a licensed instructor for the state of New Jersey and has successfully taught over 2,000 real estate agents in an effort to help improve their businesses.


Daniel Barli has studied real estate for well over a decade, as well as the fundamentals of money, credit and interest.  He has created Financial Freedom University to assist people with implementing time-tested, proven financial strategies to achieve financial freedom in their lives.  This robust course covers many of the lessons needed to develop a tailored plan to assist you with your journey towards creating passive income and financial freedom as a result.

Learning the principles and philosophies of real estate investing will allow you to begin earning passive income and building true, legacy wealth. 


We begin by identifying your current state and then tailoring a unique, specific plan with actionable steps for you to take in your journey towards financial freedom.  With real-life strategies that you can begin implementing from the very first lesson, your path towards a better financial future awaits you.  Financial Freedom University coaches students how to become confident and successful investors who are able to fully achieve their goals and expectations by investing in real estate.


Allow us the privilege of being your coach and mentor.  Enroll today for the course that can change your life!

The cost for our one-year membership course is $6,000.

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