A private money lender lends their own capital to a real estate investor who will use it to acquire and stabilize a property, or package of properties. Over time the borrower repays the private lender with interest.

4 Major Benefits of Private Lending:

1) You are in full control

As the lender, you decide the terms of the loan and get to control most of the process. Due to this, you can build a better portfolio for your personal financial objectives.

2) Guaranty of your returns

You are no longer at the mercy of the stock market or a financial planner. You can be certain of your returns because you’ll know exactly how much to expect from each month from us as a monthly payment.

3) Higher returns

Have you ever looked at your return in the stock market, only to be disappointed that in a full year, you only "earned" 2 or 3%? This happens far too often, which is what makes people turn to us. The stock market returns over the last 50 years have only been 5.38%. With historically low interest rates, you are able to deploy your capital at rates between 7-8%, outperform your past returns significantly, especially over time.

4) Secured by real estate

This gives you more peace of mind because your loan is SECURED by real estate. If something unexpectedly goes wrong, you as the lender can seize the property through foreclosure and will not likely suffer a loss.


Did you know that you can use your retirement funds to invest in real estate? You can use your IRA or other tax-advantaged vehicles to wildly outperform the stock market and take advantage of becoming your own bank!

**(You should consult with your retirement plan administrator to determine how to access your funds and what the process/costs are.)

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