Financial Freedom University offers a detailed course of 50 lessons for you to go through at your own pace, as well as a one-year mentorship to guide you through your journey towards financial independence.


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Some of the topics we cover at Financial Freedom University include:

  1. The 5 ways that real estate investing pays you

  2. The 45-year plan and why it’s time for a change

  3. Busting financial myths

  4. Tailoring your specific plan towards financial freedom

  5. Evaluating a rental market

  6. Selecting a professional property management team

  7. Building business credit

  8. How to pay off your 30-year mortgage in 5-7 years

  9. Determining the type of investor you want to be

  10. Common mistakes in real estate investing and how to avoid them

  11. Baseline rules for real estate investing

And MUCH more!


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The cost for our one-year membership course is $6,000.

For your convenience, you can pay for our course securely online using either your Paypal account or your own credit card.